Jabez was honorable above his brothers; but his mother named him Jabez [sorrow maker], saying, Because I bore him in pain. Jabez cried to the God of Israel, saying, Oh, that You would bless me and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and You would keep me from evil so it might not hurt me! And God granted his request.” ‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭4:9-10‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The Bible says and God granted his request. God alone knows how to send people on our path, that will receive us and meet our needs. Jabez was rejected before he prayed but after his prayer he was  accepted by the same people that used rejected him.

One of the ways in which God changes our circumstances is by causing people to received us who will provide to us all that which we need.

THEN JESUS called together the Twelve [apostles] and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases, And He sent them out to announce and preach the kingdom of God and to bring healing. And He said to them, Do not take anything for your journey–neither walking stick, nor wallet [for a collection bag], nor food of any kind, nor money, and do not have two undergarments (tunics). And whatever house you enter, stay there until you go away [from that place]. And wherever they do not receive and accept and welcome you, when you leave that town shake off [even] the dust from your feet, as a testimony against them. And departing, they went about from village to village, preaching the Gospel and restoring the afflicted to health everywhere.” Luke‬ ‭9:1-6‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

My emphasis is in verse 5. Jesus knew that some people will reject the Apostles because of the gospel but also they will be people that will welcome them and provide for all their needs. He never told them to depend on their bank account or their ability. All what they have to do is to seek after fulfilling their kingdom mandate commission and God in return will cause the right people to receive them who will meet all that which they’re lacking materially and cause them to walk in abundance.

I pray for you today may you meet that person ordained by God in your life who will receive you and cause your joy to be full in Jesus name.

Let’s pray together:

Heavenly Father, send to my that person whom You have ordained as a divine help to me and the ministry that You have ordained for me and also take care of that which is lacking in my life so that I shall not want in any good thing which will hinder Your plan and purpose for my life in Jesus name. Amen