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The reason why we are praying every midnight at 0.00 AM for 21 days prayer non stop: Divine Assistance.

What does divine asstistance mean? Anything that has blocked your star, God is taking it out! Anything that has been like a hinderance, God is taking it out! Anything that has delayed any answered prayer. Sometimes we doubt if our prayer was heard, but God heard you the first time you prayed!

There are angels being released. This is the time of Divine Assistance! For that is only thing that changes the story of a man. That is what The Bible calls Favour. Favour means Divine Assistance. So don’t change your prayer for this 21 days! Anything that you’ve been waiting for, you are believing God for, it hasn’t manifested yet, anything God has revealed to you, yet it has been tarrying, what you need is Divine Assistance! That Divine Assistance has to do with angelic mobilisation. For by strength shall no man prevail (1 Samuel 2:9). Please read Daniel 10: 1-3, 12-13.

Prayer Declaration

In the Name of Jesus, I enforce every prophecy, every vision that The Lord has revealed to me, that has not manifested yet. I declare every satanic sabotage for setbacks, for delays, every obstacle to sabotage my star, any barricade against the vision, against Gods plan, in the name of Jesus, let them be removed! I declare within these 21 days let there be a release of my heavenly package. I declare, I will not quit untill I see the manifestation. I declare anything that is trying to block my star in The Spirit, I declare in the Name of Jesus let that dark blanket be removed. I declare this is my time, this is my season, I must be located! I call in for divine assistance!

Father, I ask let there be an angelic mobilisation pertaining to my case. I can not go anymore but right now, I declare to you satan and your troops wherever you are gathered, let your plan, let your activities, let it be frustrated in the Name of Jesus!”

PRESS THROUGH & PUSH MORE IN THE SPIRIT! In these 21 days, somebodies story must be turned around! Anybody that moved forward in the Bible, received Divine Assistance! That’s what they called “Favour”. You are not going to change on this topic for 21 days. Whether it is your business or whatsover. Even the instructions that God is giving you within this time: maybe you need repentance, maybe you need forgiveness, maybe you need to change, maybe some things need to go just obey because that is what’s called “Divine Assistance”.

Prayer Declaration

Father, the hour has come, we can not go on without Divine Assistance. Today let those angels assigned for our case, carrying our heavenly package, we enforce that delivery in the Name of Jesus! Help is coming! Prayers are being answered in the Name of Jesus! This is our season to receive the miracles and the manifestations, NOW!!!

Let the anointing break the yokes! Let the anointing destroy the thing! Let the anointing release the people! Let Your anointing bring the help! Let Your anointing bring that favour in the Name of Jesus!

My season of Divine Assistance has come! My season of divine help has come! My season of divine favour has come! I command it to show up! I command it to manifest in the Name of Jesus! Every obstacle must go! Every hinderance must go! Every delay must go! Every setback must go! It is my time! It is my season!

The prince of this land, I command you to give up in the name of Jesus! I break your force! I break your powers! I break your plans in the Name of Jesus!

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