Bible Study Plan 2019:

We read today:
Genesis 17:1-27;
Genesis 18:1-33
Mathew 6:25-34
Mathew 7:1-23
Proverb 1:8-19

– Food for thought –

• Genesis 12:4

•Genesis 16:1-4

All of us have been victims of having our methods to accomplish God’s plan for our lives. And at the end of that road is disappointments. We are not here to fulfill God’s vision for our lives with our ability. Lot was a veil to Abraham because he was counting on Lot to be his heir.

The many times leaning on our own understanding has been the stumbling block of accomplishing God’s purpose for our lives.

The reason why we depend on our understanding is because we always want to be in control. As a matter of fact God does not need our understanding but we on the other hand need His Wisdom which is the specificity of His unadulterated Word.

Lot was Abraham understanding an he became the veil that caused Abraham from seeing further than his past and present circumstances.

What is the veil in our lives that we are not willing to let go for God’s glory to be made manifest?

We all should choose to trust God and put out veils from our lives that means people or things which God did not ask us to carry.

Do you know it is a lot easier to trust The One Who called us to do His job through us instead of trusting our efforts.

Remember it is God’s battle and His plan not ours.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.