Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Job 19-21
Matthew 21:1-17
Psalm 18:1-6

-Food for thought Day 31-

•Matthew 15:22-28
•Luke 18:1-8

Life is sometimes unfair because it does not give you what you want but it gives what you fight for. We as believers have been called to fight the fight of faith, so that we will lay claims on that which is already ours.

The fight of faith is using God’s Word against the wiles of satan. The Word of God calls it the sword of the shield of faith for protection(defensive weapon)and sword of the spirit (offensive weapon) to attack.

So we use God’s word to guard our hearts and mind from fiery darts of satan but we also release it against the fiery darts of satan.

The lady in our above text knew Jesus was the answer to her family problems. That is why though she was ignored,mistreated by the disciples of Jesus and called a dog, she was not moved until she received what she came. Her persistence caused Jesus to overstep borders and did what supposed to be done after His dead, burial and resurrection.

God is always merciful to all that will recognize him as the solution to their problems. And will always come for the needy as long as they know what they want and refuse to quit till they receive their answer .

Remember it’s God’s will to provide for our needs but our persistence based on His Word will bring about the manifestation of the need as we want it.

Don’t quit, its time to receive your miracle. Fight the good fight of faith till you see the manifestation.

Don’t give up!!

Many blessings in Jesus Name.

Think and Act!!!!