Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Psalm 27:7-14

-Food for thought day 60-

• Mark 10:46-52

Many believers are limited because of their mindset. The life we received from God is one that knows no limits. We are the ones that have placed a limit on God. Until we see God for who He is and not the way we want Him to be, we will always experience limitation.

The blind man had to cast of his limitations in order for him to receive what God had for him. What he casted away was robbing him from his rights, his privileges in God and also stole his confidence in God.

We have placed a limit on God, because we have allowed our circumstances to determine who God is to us. We have refused to take Him at the level of His Word. That is why we doubt His Word and refuse to act in faith.

The blind man responded at the call of Jesus Christ and he experienced a turnaround in his situation.

Today take a step of faith, by responding to what God has been telling you to do. Refuse to look at your challenges. They’re shadows in relation to God’s Word.

It’s time to experience a change and refuse to cast away your confidence in God.

The only way for us is upwards. Press forward in Jesus’ Name.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and act!!!!