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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Genesis 21:1-34
Genesis 22:1-24
Genesis 23:1-20
Mathew 8:23-34
Mathew 9:1-13
Psalm 7:10-17

– Food for thought –

• Genesis 19:27
• Mathew 9:16-17
• Isaiah 43:18-19

God never uses our past to determine our future. Actually many are stuck in life because they are trying to resurrect that which is dead and is of no value to where they’re going to.

Lot’s wife looked back because she enjoyed the pleasures in Sodom and Gomorrah and was regretting that the city was being destroyed. That means she loved her past more than the future that God had for her and her family.

Sometimes in life we must learn to walk away from things that breath life to our past or persons that draws and constantly reminds us of our mess.

God’s plan for us is to cause us experience new things according to the newness of life we receive in Christ.

We can only enjoy this things by refusing to go back to our vomit and also choose not to bring back to life that which Jesus already crucified on the cross on our behalf.

We must refuse to become a pillar of salt as Lots wife and choose to press into the new things God has for us in Christ.

It’s time to take that old, out dated and worn out jacket out of our closet and refuse to have no association with it.

As long as we hang on our past we will never experience the future God has for us.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think of what future you want!!!