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Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, Who is the help of my [sad] countenance, and my God.” Psalm 43:5 AMP

One of the ways we recognise the spirit of depression attacking us, is the words we use in our hurt. If they are negative and abusive words against others it is a sign depression is knocking at our doorsteps.

Many think when they are hurting the best way to protect themselves from further  being hurt, is by using negative abusive words against others.  Some even go as far as using their fist on the other party thinking it will heal their wounds. The truth of the matter is our wounds are not healed through the arm of flesh especially when we’re hurting. The abusive words we use in our pain as a mean of protection from further being abuse dor hurt does not help us either because those words affects our entire being before it actually gets to the next party. So as a matter of fact we cause more damage to the wound we already have.

And the tongue is a fire. [The tongue is a] world of wickedness set among our members, contaminating and depraving the whole body and setting on fire the wheel of birth (the cycle of man’s nature), being itself ignited by hell (Gehenna).” James 3:6 AMP

But I tell you, on the day of judgment men will have to give account for every idle (inoperative, nonworking) word they speak. For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced.” Matthew 12:36-37 AMP

So we should not allow our hurt in us cause more damage to our future. Jesus Christ came to heal our wounds. It doesn’t matter how much we have been wounded He wants to heal us. If only we can turn to Him and call for His help. He will take away every wound.

Let’s pray together:

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your word. I repent from all the negative words are have spoken against others because I was hurting. Heal me Lord from my hurt. I bind the spirit of depression express in the form of abusive and negative words in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.