The gateways and portals are open. The city and nation are open.
No more impossibilities!! It’s open!
2021 my year of full  possibilities!
The blood of Jesus is opening doors, saying “NO” to the things the enemy wants to bring! The King coming!
Jesus knocks when you open He will come in.
The Lord is coming to our city
People are coming out, chains loosed, yokes breaking.
What is yours, is coming!
The doors are open for this house!
It will draw people to this house
Helpers, favor, open doors.
Let them come in!
Favor coming to the children of God, satanic things are put to a stop!
A candle stick (like a fire cracker) that shoots out, that is what Reverend saw in our midst.
When you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel to eat. God is giving you a sign to fast to fortify your spirit. He is preparing you for battle with power (= dunamis).


Isaiah 60:1
You have a purpose that you go ahead in fasting & prayer.
Whenever your will say “Yes”, God will give you the power to do!
Surrender is a discipline.
Every true fasting should confront you!
Arise: In Hebrew => Koom
  • To stir up! Stir up the gift of God in you <- 2 Timothy 1:6. Until you arise you can’t shine!
You must do something!
  • To act/ perform <- Ephesians 6:13
  • To endure/ come against it <- Exodus 15:7
Genesis 13:17, Genesis 19:15-22
God can not act until you MOVE!
You start by arising in your heart; the wife of Lot did not arise, that’s why she turned into a pillar of salt!
Isaiah 60:1, 3*
(The gentiles will come to your light!)
Shine: Enlighten
  • to stir up the fire <- Psalms 19:8
When the light has come on you, you shine.
When the light comes on you and you are still sitting down, nothing happens.
1 Samuel 14:29
Your eyes are enlightened by the Word!
The blood of Jesus is dripping, at our doorposts and crying out better things!!!
The doors are open!!!