For the weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds, [Inasmuch as we] refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 AMP

Many people are aware that satan attacks, but they’re not conscious of where he (satan) is attacking from.
The answer to this great question is simple. When satan attacks us, he attacks us where we’re most vulnerable, that is where we believe God. Though he knows he has no right to that territory yet he tries to see to it that we accept his lies by compromising God’s Word and by causing us to think and also act independently of the Word of God in our lives. 

The ones along the path are those who have the Word sown [in their hearts], but when they hear, Satan comes at once and [by force] takes away the message which is sown in them.” Mark 4:15 AMP


Moreover is not enough to reject the thoughts, when the Bible says: resist the devil and he will flee. This is not a positive thinking job or a Bible memorization job or a mind job. This has to do with total surrender to God and then using God’s own weapon against satan not ours (our methods) to defeat his attacks in our lives.

Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11 AMP

So we should learn not to be passive from within and be willing to yield always to God in order to defeat satan.

Let’s pray together:

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word. Help me by Your Spirit to be on the alert of the thoughts that I permit within me in Jesus Christ mighty Name, Amen.    

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