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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Numbers 15-16
Luke 5
Psalms 37:1-9

-Food for thought day 82-

• Numbers 14:6-9
• 1 Corinthians 10:13
• 2 Corinthians 1:20

The promises of God for our lives are yes and Amen. In other words, our ability does not count to cause the promises to come to pass. Jesus Christ is the answer to God’s promises for us. Our duty is to put an Amen to it.

When the children of Israel were sent to spy the promised land; having promises of milk and honey which is to us, the promises of God for our lives. God was not depending on what they had, but was relying on Himself to cause them to take hold of the land.

All what they were supposed to do is to trust in God that made the promises and act in accordance to His Word.

God also knew there were giants in the land, but He gave the promises because they were His promises (Word) that would overcome the giants.

It’s the same with us now. Anything God has promised us in His Word; there will surely be giants or the Red Sea on our way to overcome.

We all must remember the Red Sea or giant will not move because we’re powerful, but it will go as we hold fast to God who made the promise of divine-escape in trials.

His promises are our door of escape from every trial or temptation that comes our way. That is why we must learn to hold fast to the promises; trusting God to perform His Word.

Maybe you’re feeling sick in your body or having financial problems. It’s not by worrying or complaining that will make the problems go away. It is by holding to God’s Word of healing and supernatural provision for your needs that will change the situation ( Isaiah 53:3-5;1 Peter 2:24; Philippians 4:19).

That is why Joshua and Caleb said: “And Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among the scouts who had searched the land, rent their clothes, And they said to all the company of Israelites, The land through which we passed as scouts is exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land flowing with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord, neither fear the people of the land, for they are bread for us. Their defense and the shadow [of protection] is removed from over them, but the Lord is with us. Fear them not.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭14:6-9‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

They did not make this statement because of anything they possessed, but because they trusted in God, who promised to give them the land. And in His power to drive away the giants so that they could take full possessions of the land.

Today, let us use the promises of God against any challenge in which we may be facing. Trusting God to honor His Word in Jesus’ Name.

Wipe the tears away and fight back!

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!!