Bible Study Plan 2019:

Today we read:
Genesis 9:18-29; 10:1-32; 11:1-9
Mathew 4:23-25; 5:1-20
Psalm 4:1-8

– Food for thought –

• Genesis 6:22
• Genesis 7:1-6

Obedience attracts God’s favor and also opens a new matrix for yours and the generation to come. Whenever we obey a Godly instruction we don’t only do it for ourselves but we are paving a new pathway for the generation to come.

What if Noah refuse to obey God?. And what do we think will become of him and his household?

Every hero of Faith that we all admire changed the course of their generation and that which is to come through obedience.

It takes an obedient person to bring about a shift to his generation.

Let us all choose to walk in obedience irrespective of the cost.

Many blessings in Jesus Name.


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