Bible Study Plan 2019:

Job 4:1-21
Job 5:1-27
Job 6:1-30
Job 7:1-21
Matthew 19:1-15
Psalm 17:1-5

– Food for thought day 27 –

•Matthew 14:29-31
• Mark 13:31
• Jeremiah 29:11
• Proverbs 3:5
• Hebrews 10:23

We don’t have to allow our challenges to cause us to sink. When we find ourselves sinking in life, it’s because we have allowed our circumstances to determine our actions.

As a matter of fact our actions are directly linked to our meditation. When we are depressed, it’s because we have been meditating in the wrong direction instead of the Word of God.

The only reason Peter began to sink is because He looked away from the Word and focused his energy on the challenges around him.

By fretting we don’t change anything, but we only aggravate our situation by making it worse.

The Word of God is the solution to our challenges, we don’t need to sink irrespective of what we’re going through but we must learn to lean and totally trust in God knowing He never lies and will always do what He has promised us.

The Word of God says “all things will pass away but God’s Word abide forever…”.

For this reason we must make God’s Word an anchor to our soul.

It’s time for us to hold fast to God’s Word without wavering; knowing His Word never fails.

We must learn to trust God with our whole heart and refuse to lean on our understanding; knowing His thoughts and plans towards us are good and not of evil.

So no matter the situation we’re in, God’s Word has the power to bring us out.

We don’t need to sink in Jesus’ Name.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!!