Bible Study Plan 2019:

Today we read:
Genesis 45:1-28
Genesis 46:1-34
Genesis 47:1-12
Matthew 16:1-20
Psalms 14:1-7

– Food for thought day 23 –

• Matthew 14:1-9
• Genesis 22:16-18
• Hebrews 6:16-19

The Word of God says: “… for oath sake Herod could not reverse his promise.”

Let’s define an oath;

An oath is a solemn promise often invoking a divine witness regarding one’s future, action or behavior. An example is, taking an oath of allegiance to something or someone irrespective of the circumstances.

Do we know that our walk with God is based on the oath He made to Abraham and his seed? The Word of God says we are the seed of Abraham in Christ. That means God is dead to His oath. He will not change His mind towards what He has promised Abraham and his seed. In other words, if God doesn’t make happen what He promised us He ceased to be God.

If a human king who is evil could keep his word for the sake of people how much more shall our Heavenly Father (God) be faithful to His promises to us?

That is why building a solid relationship with God is important, because it sets our confidence in Him and not the promises. For the Promiser is The One responsible in seeing His promises come to pass.

Do you know that the secret of seeing God’s promises coming to pass in our lives is not by working for it or by hard work? The secret is YIELDING to the Holy Spirit or God’s Word in Jesus’ Name.

I humbly appeal to you, to cease from our labour and trust in the Promiser of promises to bring His promises to pass.

It’s time to YIELD!!!

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!