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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
2 Chronicles 5-7
1 Corinthians 14

-Food for thought day 228-

• Galatians 5:13
• Luke‬ ‭22:27
•‭‭ Galatians‬ ‭6:10‬

As believers in Christ, we should learn to give ourselves selflessly to the ministering of one another’s needs in love.

“For you, brethren, were [indeed] called to freedom; only [do not let your] freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an opportunity or excuse [for selfishness], but through love you should serve one another.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:13‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The reason why it’s difficult to minister to one another selflessly is because of lack of love amongst ourselves. When God’s Love is not ruling our life it’s difficult to serve. Therefore, no one can truly serve without being humble.

This is why Jesus said: “For who is the greater, the one who reclines at the table (the master), or the one who serves? Is it not the one who reclines at the table? But I am in your midst as One Who serves.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭22:27‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

Jesus served the needs of people with so much compassion that’s why He was outstanding in word, deed and wonders.

In Christ, we should serve each other unreservedly so that when someone who hasn’t got like faith comes in our midst or assembly the person will know the difference and will say: ”these are the disciples of Jesus Christ (John 13:34-35).”

“So then, as occasion and opportunity open up to us, let us do good [morally] to all people [not only being useful or profitable to them, but also doing what is for their spiritual good and advantage]. Be mindful to be a blessing, especially to those of the household of faith [those who belong to God’s family with you, the believers].”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

If you take time to give yourself unreservedly to ministering to the needs of others, especially those in God’s household, there will be no gaps between you and fellow brethren in Christ and together it makes it easy for us to stand against the wiles of satan these last day.

Remember: love gives itself unreservedly to others to minister to the needs.

Give yourself to ministering unreservedly.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name

Think and Act!!!!!