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Bible Study Plan 2019:

Genesis 43:1-34
Genesis 44:1-34
Matthew 15:10-39
Psalms 13:1-6

-Food for thought day 22-

• Genesis 35:3
• Matthew 24:42-43

Sometimes we can be too busy with secondary things in life that we forget the purpose for which we’re here. When we consider our daily activities (job, family, business deals,housekeeping), we can all understand why we lack zeal or enthusiasm. Some of us have become spiritual sluggards and lukewarm.

As long as we are not busy with God’s purpose for our lives, the enemy gains advantage over us because spiritually we’re passive.

Jacob became so busy building his personal business and family life that he even forgot he had an agreement with God when he left his father’s house; as result he and his family went into idol worship because they start to function in their own ability. He and his household only came back to themselves when they were about to be destroyed by their enemies. It’s a pity that many of us only go to God when we have emergency issues in our lives.

The enemy loves when we are in slumber, because he takes advantage of us not being alert and attacks us when we think we are at the peak of our lives or when it seems as if everything is going on well with us.

It’s time to arise from slumber and return to the place of prayer, because God wants to communicate to us His plans and also expose to us the hidden plans of darkness.

We don’t have to be taken by surprise as we choose to return to the place of consecration(Bethel).

Let us all arise and go back to our Bethel were we used to love God more than any other thing in our lives and choose to give ourselves unto prayer and studying of our Word.

It’s a wonderful thing living and knowing we’re fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives and also not being taken by surprise by the plans of our adversary.

Return back to Bethel and no more surprises. God wants us to be informed and not be ignorant.

It’s time to arise!

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!!