Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
2 Kings 25
Jonah 1-4
Romans 16

-Food for thought day 199-

• Luke 15:11-24

Love does not force its way on people. It allows people to make their own decisions.

The Word of God says: “And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]. He who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] and is baptized will be saved [from the penalty of eternal death]; but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] will be condemned.”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭16:15-16‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The above text implies they’re some who will not believe. That doesn’t change God’s Love for them. God reached out to them by sending His only begotten Son, to pay the price for their sins. It’s up to them to repent and accept salvation. That is God’s Love in full display.

Another great example is the prodigal son. He wasted all that which he received from his father due to his ego. While he was left with nothing and was fellowshipping with pigs, he came to himself and returned home. The key is, though the father of the prodigal son knew he chose the wrong path, his love for him didn’t change. That’s why he kept looking for the day of his return and that’s why he also received him with joy when he came home (please read Luke 15:11-24).

The prodigal son learned the hard way. Although the hard way is never the best way to learn. For God’s Love does not want you to learn in pain.

Don’t learn in pain!

Remember: love always speaks the truth; it will never force its way on people and it’s not manipulative.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!!