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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Genesis 38:1-30
Genesis 39:1-23
Matthew 13:36-58
Psalms 11:1-7

– Food for thought day 19 –

• Matthew 12:46-50
• Matthew 7:16-20
• Genesis 28:6-9
• Hebrews 12:16

In life it’s very important to know the person who is close to you before you commit to that person. It’s also imperative to address people for who they are and not how you will, want or love them to be.

The many casualties we have incurred in life is because we have tolerated the wrong persons around us. In other words when we see someone who is a thief, it is clearly a thief. We should not take into regard who that person is. It can be your family member, an acquaintance or a brother. It is always wise to address them for who they are so that you will not be taken by surprise. We should stop calling a thief a nice guy when we know the person steals. Every time we tolerate their actions around us, believing one day they will change, we are deceiving ourselves and also opening our spirit, soul and body to that same spirit the person is fellowshipping with.

Remember it’s not in the ability of a man to change a man, it takes God to do that. And while you’re trusting God for them to change, make no mistake in viewing them contrary to how they present themselves. You can only know a tree from the fruits it produces.

For this reason Jesus Christ called His followers His family because they were like minded or have the same like kindred spirit.

Esau was called profane because he chose to marry from the forbidden tribe and also because of his disregard for spiritual things. That is why the Bible says: “Jacob I have loved and Esau I hated.” That doesn’t mean God hated Esau but it meant God rejected Esau based on the choice He foreknew Esau will make. That is the reason why Esau was called profane. The writer of Hebrews was led by the Holy Spirit to called Esau “profane” for that is who he was and not what the writer loved Esau to be.

No more surprises. It’s about time we take our stand in life and start to discern our environment and the people around us.

Just think about it. How much casualties will we avoid by addressing things for what they are and not what we will love them to be?

It is time to discern our environment and the people around us.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and begin to act!