Today we read:
Genesis 36:1-43
Genesis 37:1-36
Matthew 13:18-35
Psalm 10:12-18

-Food For Thought day 18-

• Matthew 10:32-33
• Amos 3:3
• Proverbs 6:2

It is very difficult to deal with someone who refuses to corporate with you. Whenever we say something that does not correspond to what God says, we should not expect any results. When the Bible talks about confessing Jesus Christ it means agreeing with Him based on what He has accomplished on our behalf.

When we agree with God’s Word and say what He says, trusting Him to perform His Word, it’s the same as God Himself is speaking. Jesus Christ ascending to Heaven left us with His Word and the Holy Spirit; both remind us of His Word, so that we can say what He has said trusting Him to do what He has promised.

In other words, for us to have the same outstanding results like Jesus, we must learn to make the Word of God our daily conversation either quoting it directly or paraphrasing it.

When we spend time speaking idle words based on our feelings or what someone is saying, we should not expect the God kind of result; God is only subjected to what He said or His Word.

If we want to change our present situation in life, we should learn to put into practice speaking God’s Word. It was through His Word that the world was made and all things here on earth, beneath and above are being upheld by His Word.

Where we are today in life is based on our yesterday’s confession. We should also be careful when we speak, because we may be agreeing with the devil ignorantly without knowing. There is no excuse for ignorance. So it’s about time we watch our words.

Many Blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and act!!!!!