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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Genesis 34:1-31
Genesis 35:1-29
Matthew 12:46-50
Matthew 13:1-17
Psalm 10:1-11

– Food for thought day 17-

• Genesis 28:1-4
• Genesis 29:13-15
• Matthew 10:9-14
• Ephesians 1:3

We are not here for everyone to accept us or the things we do, but there is always somebody who God has assigned to us to take care of us by making sure all we need is provided.

When Jacob left his father’s house, he had no material possessions except for the blessings released upon his life.

God in His infinite wisdom had a plan of supernatural provision for Jacob by preparing someone to receive him.

It was wonderful to see that Laban was ready to take care of Jacob and even went as far as paying for the service Jacob rendered. Jacob did not fight to be accepted, but the blessing upon his life cause gave him favour.

We as believers in Christ are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. In other words we are clothed with God’s favour.

Therefore it is not in our place to seek for acceptance, because God has already accepted us in the Beloved. We should also know that with the blessings, favour of divine helpers come from the Lord.

Furthermore, even though we are accepted by God that does not mean everyone will accept us, but there is always someone God has assigned to accept us and provide for us what we need. As God’s children we must always pray that we meet that person.

Our next level is locked up in the bosom of that person that God has assigned for our lives.

God’s treasure is in earthen vessels. That is why it pleases Him to use an earthen vessel to supply what we need.

It’s about time we quit struggling and ask God to build a bridge between us and our receivers.

Remember nobody succeeds alone. Every successful man you see knows someone who received him and helped him to be the person that he is today.

Just think of where we all would be if we were constantly meeting the receivers (people) God has assigned for our lives.

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!