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Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Genesis     32:1-32
Genesis     33:1-20
Matthew   12:22-45
Proverbs    2:1-11

-Food for thought day 16 –

• Psalm       19:12
• Matthew  10:26
• James       4:1-4

One of the reasons why we don’t receive what we ask from God is our motive. Hidden dark secrets have hindered many from receiving their breakthrough. Until we learn to lay it bare before God and repent from it, knowing He (God) sees all that we do. It will be difficult for us to move forward.

Moses killed someone and hid the person thinking no one saw him, but God saw him.

David slept with somebody’s wife thinking no one saw him, but God saw him.

Achan stole and hid it thinking no one saw him, but God did.

Our dark secrets have been satans tool for torturing us and hindering us from experiencing the breakthrough God has for us.

That is why the Bible says: “anything that is covered will be uncovered…“

It’s time to move forward. Repent and refuse your past errors and the spirit of condemnation to hinder your prayers from being answered.

God responds to the prayers of a righteous man and not the prayers of someone who has lost his sense of righteousness by allowing condemnation to rule their lives.

No more stagnation and unanswered prayers!

We all should make sure we’re not the cause for our prayers not being answered.

It’s time to come clean with God and man. No more shame and stagnation. Move forward!

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think about it and act!!!!