Bible Study Plan 2019

Today we read:
Genesis 24:1-67
Mathew 9:14-48
Psalm 8:1-9

– Food for thought –

• Genesis 18:22-32
• 2 Chronicles 7:14
• Ezekiel 22:30

Prayer invites the supernatural hand of God to intervene in a natural cause of life in the earth realm. Servants of God that change human history, did this through prayer.

Prayer goes where we can’t go physically.

Prayer is not begging but prayer is bringing God into rememberance of His promise to man. God does not need a crowd to change the cause of human history. But God is looking for a righteous man to intercede according to God’s promises for humanity.

It was Abraham’s prayer that delivered Lot and his household.

What do you think your prayers will do to the circumstances you are facing right now?

God is looking for people who will say no to the works of satan in their city, families, business, and jobs and invite His mighty Hand for a turn around.

It was the prayer of one righteous man that brought deliverance. The question is what about your own prayers?

The Word of God calls us the righteousness of God in Christ.

Do you know the enemy gets intimidated when a righteous man prays in faith to God in Jesus’ Name.

It’s time to call upon God!

Many blessings in Jesus’ Name.

Think and Act!!!!