“Stop toiling and doing and producing for the food that perishes and decomposes [in the using], but strive and work and produce rather for the [lasting] food which endures [continually] unto life eternal; the Son of Man will give (furnish) you that, for God the Father has authorized and certified Him and put His seal of endorsement upon Him.” John‬ ‭6:27‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

Our endurance in affliction should be rooted on what God’s Word says about our lives. This is the reason why is very expedient that we build our faith on God’s Word daily and refuse to identify with anything contrary to His word.

The Word of God is what will help us stand in the face of every persecution and come out victoriously. That is why we must not focus or give our time on that which doesn’t last.

“The sky and the earth (the universe, the world) will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” Luke‬ ‭21:33 AMPC

Let’s pray together; Heavenly Father thank for giving Your word as my offensive against my enemy always in Jesus name.Amen