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Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Hebrews 1:14 KJV

Angels are sent by God to do His bidding. TheY do the commands of the Lord. They respond to God’s word. They move wherever the word is sent according to God’s purpose for our lives and His kingdom. They go with the word till the desire results is accomplished or the assignment of the word is fulfilled

Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.” Psalms 103:20 KJV

No matter the circumstances you maybe facing your answer is in God’s word and angels are waiting for you to release the spoken word of God which is the sword of the Spirit out of your mouth and their duty is to make sure you receive the desired results according to God’s word. The duty of the enemy is to get you so caught up with your challenges, so that you will be in a spiritually weaken state. One of the signs of this state is a complaining attitude which is the opposite of Faith in God.

I have a good news for you, instead of complaining declare God’s Word over that situation for angels are willing to do errands for you till you experience the manifestation of the Word of the Lord.

Remember they do God’s commands. God’s commands and His Word are one.

Let’s pray together:

Thank You Lord for releasing Your angels to perform your word in my life in Jesus name. Amen.